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Grow your business while having fun.

Do we have a creativity deficit?

Digitization, 21st century skills and the future of work – artists have a critical role to play in the economy of now and the future.
In current buzz-speak, the four C’s – creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and communication are identified as important skills in an economy where human beings and machines will compete for jobs.
Artists are skilled in these, and they can add a few more – like Compassion, Caring, and Character. The value proposition of the soft-skilled creative is that they can do what machines can’t.
Let us help you build creative capital by bringing right-brained thinking into your strategic planning and people development processes.
Flying House connects artists with opportunities, and corporates with creative capital. We are on a mission to build 21st Century skills in society – particularly among graduates on the African continent.
What we offer

We combine live theatre, dialogue, facilitation and “creative outings” – unforgettable learning experiences for graduates, teams, managers or executives.

*Prices will depend on numbers of participants and scale of intervention. Please contact us for a quote.