Creative Stock Exchange,

List, Share, Trade, Interest, Value, Pitch & Invest

Skills Auction

Looking for talent for a show? Arrange for a live "casting couch" - we bring the talent into the room, you get to watch pitches or auditions, meet prospective collaborators or interview people.

Pitch Sessions

Looking for investors for a project? Flying House will get the right people into the room, and you are invited to pitch formally, speed-date or casually network.

Send Your Pitch

Send us a one-page description of your pitch
We look for the "Dragons" and "Angels" that help get your idea off the ground
If accepted, prepare your pitch.
Present on the night.

So whether you want to put in the tenderest of bids, list your stock, trade your shares, share your trades, or simply come along and engage with some of the ideas flying around the house.

Creativity as capital

Can creativity be commoditised? Can performing arts professionals play the game of Capital?

What is the worth of what you do?

What is the relationship between Art-making and Capital, particularly with the intangible, ephemeral disciplines such as theatre and dance?

What is the worth of a story? What makes some ideas investment-worthy and others not?

We engage in these questions playfully and subversively, exploring all aspects of creativity, from ideas to finished products, teasing out the meaning of art and idea as commodity. Come along, list your stock, trade, share, engage, invest, and join a growing movement of creative and playful entrepreneurs.